update What is GS CLUB


club_name (BMW GS Club) is a private motorcycle club established by Japanese GS-Motorcyclists who enjoy doing offroad riding and enduro rally.
It is the oldest and the biggest Club for Japanese BMW GS-Motorcyclists in Tokyo, that has been established since 1993.
We have officially 4 offroad touring for club members in a year and promote the GS Gathering every year.
Administration staff consists of President K.Takase, Vice President T.Sawada, and Accountant Y.Uchida. Some volunteers of the club members and the administration staff decide running plan of the club and touring plan, etc..

We are different from usual motorcycle club that is organized by specific BMW shop.
There are no regulations that members of BMW GS Club must be customers of Bike House FLAT.
Of course, anyone can join us.
In the fact, there are some members who are not customer of Bike House FLAT or outside of Tokyo in the club.
Bike House FLAT that is one of the most famous BMW motorcycle shop in Japan supports us as a supporter.
Regulations for BMW GS Club member (a part of them).

We expect each member to be follows;
  1. BMW GS Club must consist of members who have;
    BMW motorcycle, and the spirit of GS(gs_name).
    And, riding on his or her BMW motorcycle as offroad oriented one.
  2. Purpose of BMW GS Club is to use BMW motorcycle deliving
    its' potential according to spirit of GS(gs_name) and enjoy riding by his or her motorcycle, deepening membership among club members through these.
  3. Members of BMW GS Club should be independents who have skill to go motorcycle touring by him- of herself.
  4. Fundamentally, the club is offroad oriented touring club.
    We refuse to be a mere owner's club.
  5. Members of BMW GS Club must consist of GS-motorcyclist who love his or her motorcycle and offroad riding.
Schedules of 2001 (for not club member):
Now planning.

How to be BMW GS Club member:
We had and have no idea to recruit members by internet.
Please ask any questions about us to Sawada by e-mail:sawada@gsclub.gr.jp
If you want to get more information about the club, why don't you visit Bike House FLAT Suginami shop?
The shop is friendly, and you can get information about us.

We can receive applications to be member of BMW GS Club through Bike house FLAT only.
We are also able to recruit members when there are some short of full quota of limited 50 members after membership renewed on every February.
(We can accept additional 10 members to 50 limit in only 2001.)